Therme Art Program

Therme Art Partners with Somerset House and Supports the ’24/7′ Exhibition

At the opening of the group exhibition 24/7, Therme Art Program was pleased to announce the start of an ongoing partnership with London’s Somerset House. The partnership will commence with Therme Group’s support of 24/7, the ground-breaking exhibition curated by Sarah Cook that will run at the renowned London art institution until February 2020.


Sam Meech, Punchcard Economy, 2013 on view at 24/7 at Somerset House © Stephen Chung for Somerset House


Commenting on the partnership with Somerset House, Curator of Therme Art Program Mikolaj Sekutowicz said:

“Like Somerset House, Therme Art Program is committed to supporting art in its role of creating holistic solutions to the most salient issues facing modern life. 24/7 offers a blueprint in ambitious, expanded exhibition-making, and is the ideal exhibition to commence what will surely be an extremely productive relationship.”

Taking its name from the influential book by theorist and art critic Jonathan Crary, the exhibition opened to much acclaim on October 30. Examining the “always-on” nature of contemporary life, it considers the role of technology in blurring boundaries between work and leisure, night and day, as well as shaping how we distinguish natural from artificial life.

Organized according to five themed zones each designed to convey a particular time of day, the exhibition features over 50 multi-disciplinary artworks, with stunning immersive installations by Tatsuo Miyajima and Alexandra Daisy Ginsberg, among others.

The exhibition also includes work by Douglas Coupland, Mat Collishaw, Harun Farocki, Pierre Huyghe, Rut Blees Luxemburg, Kelly Richardson, Kateřina Šedá, Pilvi Takala, Addie Wagenknecht, along with ten artists and designers from Somerset House Studios, including Iain Forsyth and Jane Pollard.

Therme Group CEO Robert C. Hanea spoke of the exhibition’s relevance to the wider work of Therme Group:

“We at Therme Group strongly believe that art is uniquely placed to illuminate the complexities of twenty-first century life. 24/7 is an exhibition that resonates deeply with the work that we do, using art to outline new ways of living and connecting while promoting a more holistic interpretation of life, technology, and art.”


Tatsuo Miyajima, Life Palace (tea room), 2013 © Tatsuo Miyajima; Courtesy Lisson Gallery


Installation view of Tatsuo Miyajima, Life Palace (tea room) © Stephen Chung for Somerset House


Marcus Coates’ Self Portrait as Time, 2016 & Julia Varela’s ‘X.5000’, 2017 on view at 24/7 at Somerset House © Stephen Chung for Somerset House


Installation view of Tekja, Awake, 2019 at 24/7 at Somerset House © Stephen Chung for Somerset House


Tekja, Awake, 2019 at 24/7 at Somerset House © Stephen Chung for Somerset House