Therme Art Program

Therme Group Hosts Conscious Creatives Cannes During Cannes Film Festival

Bringing together leading voices in sustainability, environmental preservation, wildlife conservation, social entrepreneurship, fashion, art, and commerce, Conscious Creatives Cannes raised ecological awareness and highlighted creative approaches to sustainable and mindful living.



The intimate gathering was hosted on the rooftop of Hotel 3.14 during the Cannes Film Festival by Petra Nemcova, Co-Founder and Vice-Chair of All Hands and Hearts; Valeria Hinojosa, Social Entrepreneur, Influencer and Lifestyle blogger of Water Thru Skin; Simon de Pury, Art Auctioneer, Advisor and Collector; Robert C. Hanea, CEO of Therme Group; and Mikolaj Sekutowicz, Curator of Therme Art.

Guests included Alina Baikova, Chris Tucker, and Sandra and Brian Stewart; parents of Rob Stewart, shark conservationist and director of the award-winning documentary film Sharkwater.

With its focus on sustainability and consciousness, the gathering featured spiritual practices and an environmentally sustainable menu of locally sourced plant-based foods.

Drawing on Native American rituals, Valeria Hinojosa performed palo santo cleanses on each of the guests as they arrived. Palo santo’s fragrant smoke is traditionally believed to clear negative energy in order to make way for positive experiences. As a thoughtful transition into the gathering’s seated dinner, Valeria guided guests through a mindful meditation, setting the event’s intention on connection and meaning through Pranayama breathing.


Valeria Hinojosa and Ivy Getty 

Valeria Hinojosa and Mikolaj Sekutwoicz 


Continuing on Conscious Creative Cannes’ focus on significance, Petra Nemcova asked guests a series of questions designed to stimulate thoughtful conversations centered around collaboration and to generate positive social, economic, and environmental impact through entrepreneurship.

The event’s dinner menu was a bespoke and holistic plant-based cuisine of Therme Food co-created by Michelin award-winning chef Stephan Hentschel and chef Henrik Strempel. Therme Food is a cuisine that incorporates the restorative gastronomical benefits of thermal reactivity, a naturally occurring process that transpires as food is digested. These dishes create natural, thermal reactions within our bodies, producing warming, cooling and transitional sensations that balance and heal from within.

The menu also included adapotogenic elixirs, which are holistic mixtures designed to help us stay healthy, energized and focused by supporting our nervous systems on a molecular level. These elixirs allow our bodies to adapt to the stress and noise associated with modern city life by alleviating symptoms of depression and anxiety while boosting our immune system and brain function.



Benjamin Larretche, Petra Nemcova, Mikolaj Sekutowicz, Valeria Hinojosa, and Robert C. Hanea

Simon de Pury and Alina Baikova

Destin Tucker, Petra Nemcova, and Chris Tucker