Therme Art Program


Therme Art Program believes that through the ideas and creativity of artists, cities and urban development can be re-shaped to meet the physical and spiritual needs of humans, allowing them to wholly reconnect with their inner selves.



Art can be a tool to not only understand nature, but to bring humanity closer to it. Therme Art Program provides the resources and means required to fulfill artists’ visions which cannot be realized in galleries or museums, regardless of their complexity, production, installation and long-term maintenance.

Therme Art Program’s artists challenge the limitations of conventional art spaces, whether it be playing with the architectural elements of an environment, developing entire ecosystems or creating immersive installations that transform visitors’ experiences. The program grants artists full access to Therme Group’s facilities and thus enables the creation of a significant and long-lasting cultural legacy as thermal baths have been doing since Roman times.

Historically, Roman baths were accessible, social and egalitarian settings. Drawing on this tradition, Therme Art Program allows artworks to reach a diverse public outside the familiar white walls of the museum or gallery and integrates them into everyday experience.

For more information on Therme Art Program view our brochure:

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