Therme Art Program


The mission of the Therme Art Program is to provide the resources and space required to fulfill artists’ visions that cannot be realized in galleries or museum spaces— no matter how complex their production, installation and long-term maintenance may be.



At the core of the Therme Art Program, Therme Group™ wishes to grant artists full access to their facilities and thus enable the creation of a significant and long-lasting cultural legacy, as thermal baths have been doing since Roman times. Historically, Roman baths were accessible, social and egalitarian settings.

Drawing on this tradition, Therme Group™’s new projects give artists the opportunity to reach a diverse audience, inclusive of all social classes and age groups, outside of the familiar white walls of the museum or gallery. The focus of Therme Group™ is to rethink how we can fulfill the needs of the body, mind and spirit in a more holistic way. Commissioned art installations for Therme Art Program will be fully integrated into Therme Group™

For more information on Therme Art Program view our brochure:

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