Therme Art Program


Tatsuo Miyajima, Life Palace (tea room), 2013 © Tatsuo Miyajima, Somerset House 24/7 Exhibition

Therme Art Program is a proud partner of Somerset House and a key supporter of their 24/7 Autumn Exhibition.

Somerset House is London’s working arts center and home to the UK’s largest creative community. Built on historic foundations, they are situated in the very heart of London. Dedicated to backing progress, championing openness, nurturing creativity and empowering ideas, their cultural program is ambitious in scope. Somerset House insists on relevance, but aren’t afraid of irreverence, and are as keen on entertainment as enrichment.

Somerset House embraces the biggest issues of our times and are committed to oxygenating new work by emerging artists. Where else can you spend an hour ice-skating while listening to a specially commissioned sound piece by a cutting-edge artist? It is this creative tension––the way they harness their heritage, put the too-often overlooked on their central stage and use their neo-classical backdrop to showcase ground-breaking contemporary culture ––that inspires their program. Old and new, history and disruption, art and entertainment, high-tech and homemade, combined with the fact that they are home to a constantly shape-shifting working creative community: this is their point of difference. It is what they are proud of. And it is what makes the experience of visiting or working in Somerset House inspiring and energizing, urgent and exciting.