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Refik Anadol x Yawanawá

From left: Refik Anadol © Efsun Erikilic, Aldeia Sagrada Yawanawá © Camilla Coutinho



Refik Anadol (b. 1985, Istanbul, Turkey) is a media artist, director and pioneer in the aesthetics of data and machine intelligence. His body of work locates creativity at the intersection of humans and machines. In taking the data that flows around us as the primary material and the neural network of a computerized mind as a collaborator, Anadol paints with a thinking brush, offering us radical visualizations of our digitized memories and expanding the possibilities of architecture, narrative, and the body in motion. Anadol’s site-specific AI data sculptures, live audio/visual performances, and immersive installations take many forms, while encouraging us to rethink our engagement with the physical world, its temporal and spatial dimensions, and the creative potential of machines. MYND and Therme Art are excited to be in collaboration with pioneering media artist, Refik Anadol, in presenting the work Sense of Healing, first unveiled at Aurora Institute’s Evening of Discovery, the inaugural event of one of the world’s leading annual gatherings for mental health philanthropy. This fruitful partnership has crystallised over the past year, and will continue to evolve over a long-term process towards the development of further ground-breaking and immersive experiences. Through a critical engagement with the psychological effects of contemporary urban structures, environments and systems, this ongoing project aims to create spaces of healing and regeneration. It is a partnership that endeavours to utilise transdisciplinary creative research, development and production to rethink our current approaches toward mental health, wellness and wellbeing on a global level. Harnessing the power of the latest advancements in data capturing, neuroscientific research, quantum computing and spatial development will allow us to collectively approach contemporary issues of mental wellness in new, innovative and impactful ways.



With a population of over 1,200, the Yawanawá people live in villages nestled along the banks of the Gregório river in the Brazilian state of Acre, where they are guardians of thousands of acres of rainforest. Their history and culture are rich and diverse, with a deep connection to the natural world through their ancestral wisdom, plant medicine and environmental stewardship. The Yawanawá people’s traditional way of life is based on subsistence agriculture, hunting and fishing, and an exceptional musical culture. Their way of life and deep cultural connection to the forest has served as an inspiration for the director and cast of the Hollywood movie Avatar: The Way of Water (2022).The Yawanawá community is represented in this project by chiefs Biraci Nixiwaka Brasil, Putanny Yawanawa and Isku Kua Biraci Brasil Junior, leaders of the villages of Aldeia Sagrada and Nova Esperança.



Yawanawá and Refik Anadol, Winds of Yawanawá

The artwork series Winds of Yawanawa was born out of the historical collaboration between the Brazilian Amazon indigenous Yawanawá communities of Aldeia Sagrada and Nova Esperança and artist Refik Anadol. Initiated by Impact One as part of its Possible Futures programme, the collaboration maps a new model of dedicated to the establishment of more holistic and equitable pathways to environmental sustainability.

Stewardship of natural ecosystems by Indigenous Peoples poses a systemic relevance for global sustainability efforts, as Indigenous communities have been shown to protect 80% of the planet’s biodiversity. With the debut of this first-of-its-kind artwork series, the Yawanawá community, Refik Anadol and Impact One mark the beginning of a project aiming to develop regenerative business models using blockchain technology to support indigenous communities’ stewardship of their lands, and by extension, the protection of some of our planet’s most vital ecosystems.

In a remarkable & unparalleled artistic collaboration, Refik Anadol and the Brazilianindigenous Yawanawa community, have co-created a series of digital artworks shaped by the language and traditions of the Yawanawa people and synthesised with data collected from the community’s territory in the Amazon. The series includes a central artwork video, and a collection of Data Paintings.

Each Data Painting is be composed of a unique video with soundtrack, generated from the Winds of Yawanawa artwork video. Central to the creative process of the pieces are the young Yawanawa sisters Nawashahu and Mukashahu, whose artworks form the foundation and visual inspiration of Winds of Yawanawa, combined with traditional Yawanawa chants.

In parallel to the expressions of Yawanawa culture, the artworks’ movement and composition is influenced by data recorded based on the weather patterns surrounding the Yawanawa sacred village of Aldeia Sagrada, as a representation of the deep-rooted relationship between the forest and the community.

Real-time weather data from Aldeia Sagrada will continue to flow into the central Winds of Yawanawa artwork and dictate its movement, making it a living and dynamically evolving representation of the Yawanawa identity and the community’s connection to their Amazonian territory, which is a fundamental ecosystem for all of humanity.

Each piece of the Winds of Yawanawa artwork series comes with an NFT certificate, which will be minted as the Genesis collection of the new Yawanawa & Refik Anadol Studio creator wallet. This is the first and only official collaborative wallet of Refik Anadol, established together with Instituto Nixiwaka; representing the Yawanawa communities of Aldeia Sagrada and Nova Esperança.

80% of the proceeds, which are the full creators’ share of the artwork series profits, will go directly to the Yawanawa community. The remaining 20% of the proceeds will be managed by platform partners Scorpios (Kreation) towards building the infrastructure for the drop of the collection, hosting and programming of the sale.

The funds will be used by the Yawanawa chiefs to support long-term initiatives for the protection of the Yawanawa landsterritories and cultural heritage. Activities funded by the sale include the hosting of a historical convening amongst Indigenous Peoples of the Amazon taking place in the Yawanawa Sacred Village in 2024.

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