Therme Art Program


Therme Art participated in Noor Riyadh’s Noor Talks, exploring the synergy between art and science through discussions with experts across disciplines, highlighting the role of experiential art in enhancing cultural engagement and shaping a better world.

From left: Miguel Blanco-Carrasco, an advisor to the Royal Commission for Riyadh City Team; Dr. Reem Taibah, a Saudi physicist and researcher; Marta Cavallé, Head of Architecture Programme, Therme Art; Marek Wolynski, a curator, producer, and cultural strategist.

In February 2024, Therme Art took part in Noor Riyadh, the world’s largest light art festival. Invited to speak as part of the public talks programme Noor Talks, Therme Art’s Head of Architecture Programme, Marta Cavallé, joined the session The increasing relevance of cross-disciplinary thinking: Can art and science help each other and make life better? The discussion brought together leading experts from the arts, culture, and science sectors to explore the synergies between these fields and their collective potential to enhance the world. Alongside Cavallé on the panel were Saudi physicist and researcher Dr. Reem Taibah; and Marek Wolynski, a curator, producer, and cultural strategist, with moderation by Miguel Blanco-Carrasco, an advisor to the Royal Commission for Riyadh City Team.

This session marked the culmination of the third themed weekend of public talks accompanying the Noor Riyadh exhibition, under the theme Feeling Light Headed: how can art make the world a better place? The programme also delved into the impact of technology on urban life and discussed sustainable digital practices and contemporary methods of archaeological findings in creative practices.

Dr. Reem Taibah, Saudi physicist and researcher

Dr. Reem Taibah delved into the intersection of art and science, asserting that ‘art starts where science ends,’ opening up a vast space for creativity and discovery. She emphasised that the mingling of uncertainty and quantum principles not only fuels scientific inquiry but also inspires artistic expression, suggesting that our exploration of the unknown is bound only by imagination.

Marek Wolynski, curator, producer, and cultural strategist

Marek Wolynski explored the growing trend of immersive experiences engaging the physical, emotional, and intellectual realms, reflecting the interconnectedness of disciplines.  

‘This holistic approach challenges the traditional boundaries between art and science, suggesting that our cross-disciplinary endeavours reflect a shared journey rather than separate paths. It’s a reminder that in the realm of creativity and discovery, the lines between scientist, artist, and designer blur, uniting us in a collective exploration of the unknown.” – Marek Wolynski.

Marta Cavallé, Head of Architecture Programme, Therme Art

Marta Cavallé discussed the interplay between science, architecture, design, art, and sustainability, emphasising that ‘powerful and impactful change requires inclusive collaboration.’ Furthermore, Marta elaborated on the concept of experiential art, emphasising its significance in Therme Art’s initiatives. 

“Experiential art serves as a focal point in our efforts because it goes beyond observation, becoming an integral part of our spaces, blurring the lines between art and life. It creates a new realm, inviting viewers to engage on multiple levels. This all-encompassing approach deepens the connection between the audience and the artwork, shaping our cultural behaviour.” – Marta Cavallé. Read more about what it means to experience art here.

Noor Riyadh, one of the most ambitious festivals of its kind, transforms the city into a vibrant open-air museum, celebrating light and art.  Alongside numerous exhibitions, the festival encompasses a public programme with community activities, educational workshops, talks, and performances. Introduced as part of the Riyadh Art Initiative, Noor Riyadh aims to nurture and support both local and international creativity through captivating artworks scattered across the Saudi capital. It is one out of four projects launched by the Royal Commission for Riyadh City for Vision 2030, alongside King Salman Park, Riyadh Green, and Sports Boulevard.