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Therme Group Partners with DLD at DLD22 in Munich


The Future of Wellbeing | DLD22 Conference in Munich. Video by DLD Conference

Leading wellbeing provider Therme Group partnered with global conference network DLD – Digital Life Design to host a Wellbeing Culture Forum talk on May 22 at DLD22 in Munich.

Hosted by cultural incubator Therme Art, the talk opened the last day of DLD22. Titled The Future of Wellbeing, the panel fell in line with this year’s DLD conference motto “Reality Rules!?” and invited experts across fields to assess poignant technological, economic, societal and ecological shifts present on a global scale.

The talk was initiated and moderated by CEO of Impact One Mikolaj Sekutowicz, who introduced the talk’s panellist speakers, and reinstated the significance of bringing together experts across different fields as we continue to advance on our mission to provide collective wellbeing to the future of our cities.

Panellists included Social Entrepreneur Jeanne de Kroon, facilitating links between communities and businesses worldwide, Neuroscientist and Business Professor Moran Cerf, employing neuroscience methods in his research of human psychology, Climate Activist and Indigenous Rights Defender Nina Gualinga, endeavouring to reinstate indigenous knowledge into contemporary educational curricula, and Founder and Principal Architect of Counterspace Sumayya Vally, utilising her practice as a vehicle to creating spaces which are conducive to community engagement and belonging.

Drawing on the nuances present between contemporary scientific–medicinal advancements, architecture as a vehicle for healing, and indigenous forms of knowledge that teach our undeniable interdependence with the natural world, The Future of Wellbeing invited experts to assess the interconnectedness in our planet and our people’s levels of wellbeing and discuss how we must continue to endeavour in our areas of expertise in order to reinstate substantive and egalitarian wellbeing in our future cities.

Therme Group is proud to have partnered with DLD to bring together visionaries from around the globe who are eager to change the world in an increasingly digital era through an interdisciplinary platform for exchange. Speakers previously featured at DLD include Zaha Hadid, Ursula von der Leyen, Mark Zuckerberg and Christiana Figueres.

Mikolaj Sekutowicz, Nina Gualinga, Jeanne de Kroon, Sumayya Vally, and Moran Cerf. Free press image © Picture Alliance for DLD / Hubert Burda Media

Mikolaj Sekutowicz, Co-Founder and CEO of Therme Art and CEO of Impact One

Jeanne de Kroon, Social Entrepreneur
Moran Cerf, Neuroscientist and Business Professor
Nina Gualinga, Climate Activist and Indigenous Rights Defender
Sumayya Vally, Founder and Principal Architect of Counterspace


Additional talks that took place at DLD22 in Munich included In the Tired Watering between Artistic Director of Serpentine Hans Ulrich Obrist and Artist Jota Mombaça.

Hans Ulrich Obrist and Jota Mombaça. © Picture Alliance for DLD / Hubert Burda Media

Hans Ulrich Obrist and Steffi Czerny, © Daniel Grund for DLD / Hubert Burda Media

Media Director and Artist Refik Anadol lead a talk on his ongoing art practice and algorithmic work series, Machine Hallucinations and joined in conversation at Art, Markets and Disruption: A Seismographic Journey to NFTs in conversation with Hans Ulrich Obrist, Emily Segal and Rafaël Rozendaal.

Refik Anadol. Free press image @ Daniel Grund for DLD / Hubert Burda Media

Read about the talk on Dezeen.

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