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Leadership Team Expands as Experiential Art Enterprise Moves Into Next Phase of Growth

Marc Spiegler, Superblue Board of Directors

Mollie Dent-Brocklehurst, Co-Founder of Superblue today announced that Marc Spiegler, who served as Global Director of Art Basel and spearheaded its expansion into new markets and the creation of new ventures, has joined Superblue’s Board of Directors. Dent-Brocklehurst concurrently announced that in preparation for opening Superblue centres in cities across the US and internationally, she has assumed the newly created position of Chief Creative Officer, overseeing artist and gallery relations, commissions, installations, and programming, and has appointed Daniel Dolan CEO, to oversee the company’s finances and operations.

“Our vision for Superblue has proven successful, so we are moving forward into the next phase of our development, which includes increasing our partnerships with artists and galleries, expanding our audiences, and opening up new Superblue Centers,” stated Dent-Brocklehurst. “Marc’s unparalleled experience in building exciting and meaningful arts destinations internationally provides us with incredible resources to support Superblue’s ongoing growth, while bringing on Dan enables us to scale up as we extend our reach and impact.”

Mollie Dent-Brocklehurst & Mikolaj Sekutowicz

Pulse Topology, Rafael Lozano Hemmer

“Superblue has created an enterprise that has added valuable new dimensions to the art world, ones that help advance the practices of artists, creates new opportunities for the gallery community, and attracts both dedicated and new audiences to engage with contemporary art. It can also be readily introduced into and customised for new markets,” stated Spiegler. “Superblue presents the kinds of opportunities and impacts that have driven my professional trajectory and are important to me personally, so I am excited to contribute to this groundbreaking venture.”

 Forest of Us, Es Devlin

Ganzfeld, James Turrell

“Superblue has pioneered and prototyped an exciting new model for the public to engage in museum-quality immersive and interactive art–and did so during the most complex and challenging times for in-person experiences,” stated Mikolaj Sekutowicz, CEO of Therme Art, the largest investor in Superblue. “During the past year, we have significantly extended our investment in the growth phase of the company and continue to hone the Superblue model in preparation for our expansion across the US and globally. The growth of our leadership team and addition of Marc to the board, together with expertise of the original investors–all of whom remain active in the company–provides us with the perfect combination of vision, knowledge, experience, and relationships to ensure Superblue’s ongoing success.”

In the coming months, Superblue will announce new programming and enhancements for its Miami flagship, which will be unveiled this December in coordination with Miami Art Week.

Find out more about Superblue’s projects on their website.