Therme Art Program

Mikolaj Sekutowicz Appointed Juror of the SFER IK Award

Therme Art Founder & CEO Mikolaj Sekutowicz has been appointed as a Jury Member of the SFER IK Award, an innovative accolade challenging artists to incorporate artificial intelligence into their artistic creations.

Courtesy SFER IK Museion

The SFER IK Award was launched by Roth, Founder and CEO of AZULIK group, which includes SFER IK Museion, and SFER IK’s Creative Director Marcello Dantas. The award’s winning artist receives $100,000 USD for the development of their AI-developed artwork plus a two-month residency at AZULIK Uh May in the heart of the Yucatán jungle, with exclusive access to state-of-the-art facilities and workshops at SFER IK Museion to produce their artwork. Open to global artists across disciplines, the award encourages the exploration of themes such as biodiversity, inter-species collaboration, ancestral knowledge, and the seamless integration of science, technology, and nature.

The objective of this open call is to provide artists with a platform to conceive bold and groundbreaking artworks that push the boundaries of technology within the natural setting of the Mayan jungle. The winning creation will find its place in SFER IK’s forthcoming open-air museum in Tulum, adjacent to the evolving Jardín de la Esperanza (Garden of Hope). This artistic natural space, curated by Cristina Ochoa, aims to be a sanctuary celebrating biodiversity and ancestral memory.

Courtesy SFER IK Museion

Roth’s visionary approach, evident in his contemporary art museum SFER IK Museion, has long fostered a symbiotic relationship between contemporary art, ancient indigenous wisdom, and nature. This ethos served as inspiration for our outreach program to indigenous communities in 2021, initiated and curated by Jeanne de Kroon and Mikolaj Sekutowicz, which led to the foundation of our Possible Futures initiative.