Therme Art Program

Therme Art Hosts Azulik’s Uh May, in Tulum

Therme Group, along with Frida Escobedo, will be presenting at Azulik’s Uh May tribe gathering. One of the main focuses of the programme will be to learn more about the self-taught architect, Roth (Eduardo Neira), designer of the other-worldly Ik Lab Fine Art Gallery.


Ik Lab Art Gallery at Azulik, Tulum. Photo courtesy of Azulik.


Based in Mexico, Roth (Eduardo Neira) is a self-taught architect and founder of Azulik eco-resort in Tulum. Together with Santiago Rumney Guggenheim, he opened Ik Lab, a new contemporary art gallery made with locally sourced materials and Mayan construction techniques. His first exhibition featured works by Tatiana Trouvé, Artur Lescher and Margo Trushina.

Azulik is a concept that responds to new lifestyles and has been helping people and tribes, for almost 20 years now, to reconnect with themselves, others and the environment, by doing unique and authentic things. The hotel is built with only local materials, minding the natural environment that surrounds this magical place. Nestled between the Caribbean Sea and the jungle of Tulum, in their interior you can discover 48 villas and spaces dedicated to art, mindfulness, wellness, fashion, nature, architecture and gastronomy with special care for sustainability and the local culture.

The funds raised through the programme will be allocated to building an arts and crafts school for the local communities. The school will operate year-round, offering a bespoke programme to bring together local residents of the Yucatan peninsula and international students and scholars visiting from across the world. Through the shared experience of mankind’s highest form of expression, the school will foster and develop the sense of belonging in a community. Ultimately, the goal is to create a school that operates as a self-reliant entity through collaborations with notable artists, leading designers and craftsmen participating in the residency program or otherwise contributing, the production of works by students under their patronage as well as scholarships funded by former graduates. The combination of ancestral knowledge, creativity, technological innovation, applied sustainability, and collective experiences will culminate in new ways of learning, creating and experiencing art as a token of the potential of human evolution.

Roth (Eduardo Neira) is also participating in Therme Art’s Talks program at Design Miami/.  Learn more.



Installation views of Configurations, on view at Ik Lab Art Gallery at Azulik, Tulum. Photo courtesy of Azulik.