Therme Art Program


Therme Art is a programme dedicated to supporting the art and architecture community through the realisation of large-scale, long-term art projects.

The programme works with internationally renowned artists and architects, as well as emerging talents, to commission and develop site-specific artistic projects that challenge the limitations of conventional exhibition spaces and redefine contemporary art viewing. Therme Art provides the resources and means required to fulfil artists’ visions which cannot be realised in galleries or museums; regardless of their complexity, production, installation and long-term maintenance. Therme Art’s artists challenge the limitations of conventional art spaces, whether it be playing with the architectural elements of an environment, developing entire ecosystems or creating immersive installations that transform visitors’ experiences.
Wellbeing Culture Forum
The Wellbeing Culture Forum is a series of online and offline discussions that launched in 2020, devised in response to the ongoing pandemic and the ensuing global crisis. Gathering experts from diverse fields, the series fosters the necessary collaboration and knowledge transfer to realise a vision of the city and its cultural activity in symbiosis with the natural world, generating a holistic approach towards the health of humanity. The Wellbeing Culture Forum hosts diverse conversations designed to create ‘insights for action,’ culminating in the creation of a Wellbeing Manifesto, which will be made freely available worldwide to reference, in our efforts to implement positive cultural change. 

One Health Research Centre
The One Health Research Centre was initiated by Therme One Health and founded in partnership with the University of Greifswald and IKEM, as a joint centre dedicated to research and innovation based on the interdependency of environmental and human health. It acts as a research motor and platform for project initiation and knowledge transfer with the objective of implementing wide-scale innovation in policymaking, healthcare, and urban development, according to the principles of One Health.
MYND is a joint venture between neuroscience pioneer MindMaze, leading voice in wellbeing industry Therme Group, and impact investment initiative Impact One. MYND aims to provide evidence-based neuro wellbeing centres through highly interactive and multi-sensorial environments and mental training. Therme Art collaborates with MYND to provide commissioned artists, architects, and creatives with the resources and means they require to create multi-sensorial experiences. MYND commissions visualise mental healing processes that showcase the benefits of incorporating wellbeing rituals into our daily lives.