Therme Art Program


Therme Art believes that through the ideas and creativity of artists, cities and urban development, our culture can be re-shaped to meet the physical and spiritual needs of humans, allowing them to reconnect with their inner selves.

Therme Art is the cultural incubator of Therme Group. Responsible for the outreach to creative communities, it curates forums between culture, science and society and works with internationally renowned artists and architects, as well as emerging talents, to commission and develop site-specific artistic projects that challenge the limitations of conventional exhibition spaces and redefine contemporary art viewing. Therme Art provides the resources and means required to fulfil artists’ visions which cannot be realised in galleries or museums, regardless of their complexity, production, installation, and long-term maintenance.

Therme Art’s commissioning programme is designed to expand the possibilities of art exhibitions, generating immersive experiences that engage the body, mind, and soul. By situating artworks within Therme Group’s facilities, Therme Art enables the creation of a significant and long-lasting cultural legacy, similar to the thermal baths of ancient times. Historically, these baths were accessible, social, and egalitarian spaces. Drawing on this tradition, Therme Art allows artworks to reach a diverse public outside the traditional white walls of the museum or gallery space.

For more information on Therme Art, download our brochure.