Therme Art Program

Manchester International Festival

Therme Art x MIF – Today I Feel Like…Manchester

Therme Art and Therme Group are proud to be in partnership with Manchester International Festival to commission and present works of art by international artists that engage with the city’s local communities and culture.

In 2021, the partners presented Today I Feel Like… Manchester by Jeppe Hein at the annual festival, inviting local school children to realise a breathing exercise followed by a face painting that depicts their feelings in that moment. The resulting artwork were showcased at the Festival Square from 9 – 11 July during the 2021 edition of MIF to be installed as tiles on permanent display at the new Therme Manchester wellbeing resort currently under development. The participatory project was conceived to create a permanent link between Therme Manchester and the young people in the community that it will serve.

MIF23 will return this summer, bringing together artists from across the world to celebrate the city’s diverse and inclusive spirit. Therme Art and Therme Group are presenting This entry by Tino Sehgal, a playful live work that invites skilled individuals from various disciplines – including a footballer, violinist, cyclists and singer/dancer – and creates a platform for creative exchange. The work has been curated by Hans Ulrich Obrist with football player Juan Mata, conceptualised by Josh Willdigg, to offer visitors an immersive and thought-provoking experience that encourages physical and mental engagement with the artwork in a meaningful and personal way.

Tino Sehgal and Hans Ulrich Obrist at the Hildegard von Bingen Wellbeing Culture Symposium, 2022

The installation, which Sehgal refers to as a “constructed situation,” draws on the artist’s background in political economy and dance, creating a platform that focuses on the subtleties of social encounters and the importance of participation and interaction, set to debut at the National Football Museum and the Whitworth.

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